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New Video! Installing Thin Brick Outdoors

Metropolitan Ceramics offers both METROBRICK and Royal Thin Brick product lines. Here is a new thin brick installation video - Installing Thin Brick on an…

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Thin Brick Program Offered Through Metropolitan Ceramics Now Includes Blends

The METROBRICK® Fast Ship Offering - available from Metropolitan Ceramics® -  now includes six timely blends along with an inventory of seven popular……

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What is Unglazed Quarry Tile?

Quarry tile is an unglazed, extruded tile made out of clay that should have less than 3% absorption is great for commercial kitchen floors

Metropolitan Ceramics Test Results

Don’t use this type of grout for Commercial Kitchens

The grout you pair with the quarry tile needs to be equally resistant to harsh cleaners, grease, and other conditions found in this environment.

Waterproof flooring

What is ‘waterproof flooring?

If something sounds too good to be true, read the fine print

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Black is Always a Popular Design Choice

The introduction of black in design can create many positive responses.

best flooring for restaurant kitchen

Choose the Right Floor for Restaurant Kitchens

Metropolitan Ceramics unglazed quarry tile is specifically designed to take the punishment of demanding areas like restaurant kitchen floors. Here are six…

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Product Features are Important, but the Benefit to the Customer is Really What Matters. 

Here are ten great features (and especially benefits) of Metropolitan Ceramics quarry tile.

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It’s Time for Outdoor Projects

It’s time to go outdoors and look at ways to add to the beauty of a home with updates to the outdoor living space.

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Choosing the Right Tile for Open Concept Kitchens

The latest trend in restaurant design from high-end bistros to casual dining is the open concept kitchen

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Metropolitan Ceramics Offers Thin Brick

Thin brick presents a number of advantages when compared to the use of full bed brick.

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Slip Resisting Tile from Metropolitan Ceramics

Some glazed and porcelain tiles are just not suitable for wet and oily applications

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Now Available, a One-of-a-Kind Slip Resisting Ceramic Tile

Metropolitan Ceramics® introduces a new slip resisting tile, XA Abrasive.

Tile maintenance

An Important Part of Every Tile Installation

Properly managing movement and expansion joints is an important part of every tile installation.

Down to Earth® 155 Cobblestone | 255 Desert Floor | 350 Red Paver | 458 Bedrock | 4 x 8 Velour Texture

Quarry Tile vs. Other Floor Finishes

See how quarry tile stacks up when compared to other flooring products.

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Metropolitan Ceramics® Meets the Needs of These Demanding Applications

Industrial applications need an extremely durable floor product.

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Metropolitan Ceramics is Now Offering an AIA CES Approved Course

Metropolitan Ceramics is now an AIA CES Registered Provider and is offering a new course worth (1) AIA Learning Unit (LU).


METRO® Pavers – The Most Durable Paver Tiles for the Most Demanding Jobs

Metropolitan Ceramics’ METROPAVERS are designed for heavy duty industrial and commercial applications.

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Natural, Slip Resisting Tile, For Indoors and Out

Metropolitan Ceramics unglazed quarry tile is right at home in a relaxing residential setting

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Quarry Tile Care and Maintenance for Commercial Kitchens

An Illustrated Care and Maintenance Guide from Metropolitan Ceramics is now available

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The Simple Trim Piece That Works So Well 4 x 8

Q8485 Transition Tile - this versatile 4” x 8” trim should not be overlooked

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Made in the USA for 150 Years

Made in the USA’ is not a phrase we take lightly – we have been saying it for 150 years

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Introducing Raven – a New Color from Metropolitan Ceramics

Introducing Raven - a New Color from Metropolitan Ceramics