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Metropolitan Ceramics Meets & Exceeds New Slip Resistance Designations

For many years, the 0.42 Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) measurement has been the industry-accepted norm for interior, horizontal surfaces that can be expected to be wet. Now there are also five designations, Interior Dry, Interior Wet, Interior Wet Plus, Exterior Wet, and Oils and Greases incorporated into the standard.

Areas of Use

We have included an additional category beyond the scope of A326.3 which we are calling “Enhanced Grip”. All products are routinely used in the five categories listed but products that include our Quarry Basics® XA-Abrasive and our Metro Tread® can be used in even more demanding applications such as ramps. We encourage you to contact us with your specific application to find out which Metropolitan Ceramics product is suitable for your needs.

Join Ironrock's Sr. VP of Operations, Daniel Marvin, as he examines slip resistance and the NEW Areas of Use Table - ANSI A326.3

Recorded at Coverings 2022 



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Slip Resisting Tile from Metropolitan Ceramics

April 5, 2018|In Quarry Tile, Slip Resisting Tile|Ron WilliamsonBy Ron Williamson|1 Minute
metropolitan slip resistant quarry tile

Because they are so smooth, some glazed and porcelain tiles are just not suitable for wet and oily applications. Liquid can get trapped between the foot and the tile which in turn can lead to hydroplaning, slips, and falls.

Metropolitan Ceramics has the right tile for floor installations that demand slip resistance. Choose from one of these fine Metropolitan Ceramics quarry tile products and tame the toughest jobs indoors and out.


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Now Available, a One-of-a-Kind Slip Resisting Ceramic Tile

March 4, 2018|In Quarry Tile, Slip Resisting Tile|Ron WilliamsonBy Ron Williamson|1 Minute
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Metropolitan Ceramics® introduces a new slip resisting tile, XA Abrasive. XA Abrasive combines two slip resisting additives to create a one-of-a-kind slip resisting tile with a Dynamic Coefficient of Friction ≥ .70. The silicon carbide embedded surface, combined with the metallic additive through the body of the tile, work together to combat the effects of spills, moisture, extreme temperatures, and heavy traffic. Use Quarry Basics® XA Abrasive in the most demanding environments and anywhere durability and slip resistance are important.

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Natural, Slip Resisting Tile, For Indoors and Out

Natural, Slip Resisting, For Indoors and Out

Metropolitan Ceramics unglazed quarry tile is right at home in a relaxing residential setting.