Quarry Tile & Thin Brick Resource Videos

Each of the following videos shares a different aspect of our quarry tile and thin brick products and their production. The first video gives a detailed – step by step – look at how to install thin brick over an exterior wall. The second video goes in-depth on the daily cleaning and maintenance of ceramic quarry tile in a commercial application. Video number three shows how to install thin brick on an outdoor entryway. The fourth video is a plant tour of the Ironrock manufacturing facility, while the fifth is an instructional video on installing ceramic quarry tile over a cement slab outdoors. The sixth video shows you what a floor faces in a commercial kitchen application. The last video gives you a look at the history of Ironrock.

Installing Thin Brick over an Exterior Wall

This video shows you how to successfully install thin brick over an exterior steel or wood joist wall. The video includes the installation of sheet insulation and covers each step of the process. You will learn the proper tools, materials, and techniques to use, including how to grout bag and strike the thin brick joints.

Quarry Tile Commercial Floor Cleaning Demonstrations

The success of a quarry tile floor depends in part on the cleaning and maintenance regiment used to keep the floor clean. This is especially true in a commercial kitchen environment where there is a daily assault of spills of all kinds ground into the floor by heavy foot traffic. Following the correct daily and weekly cleaning regiment will ensure your kitchen floor will provide decades of quality service.  This video will give step-by-step instructions on maintaining your commercial kitchen floor.

Royal Thin Brick® Installed Outdoors on a Front Entryway

You will be amazed at the transformation of this cracked and worn cement slab front entryway and steps. The addition of Royal Thin Brick upgrades the curb appeal of the entire home. The time it took to install was about the equivalent of a weekend. Use this video as a simple guide for installing thin brick outdoors on a horizontal surface.

Metropolitan Ceramics® Plant Tour

Have you ever wondered how ceramic quarry tile is made? What is the process that sets quarry tile apart to be such a durable floorcovering? This video will take you inside the Ironrock manufacturing facility to see production from the time raw materials are brought into the grinding plant to the final product loaded in the warehouse for shipment all across the country.

Down To Earth® Outdoor Tile Installation

Not all ceramic tile is suitable for outdoor use. However, Metropolitan Ceramics quarry tile – including the Down to Earth product line - can be successfully installed outdoors either over a concrete slab or a properly prepared substrate. Metropolitan Ceramics quarry tile – if properly installed – will perform well in the harshest climates and resist thermal shock. This instructional video will give you an insight into installing quarry tile outdoors.

Quarry Tile For Commercial Kitchens

There are not many floor covering applications as challenging as a commercial or restaurant kitchen floor. Just about everything you can think of that would be hard on the floor, and a safety concern for workers is present; spilled grease, oil and other liquids, food scraps, fryers and ovens, and cold storage areas can all cause issues. This video covers all of these concerns and more.

Ironrock History

Ironrock is a fifth-generation family-owned company located in Canton, Ohio. Ironrock has a history that dates back to 1866 – the year after the civil war ended. The products Ironrock manufactures today, Metropolitan Ceramics® quarry tile, METROBRICK® thin brick, and Royal Thin Brick®, are built on this heritage. This video will provide insight into the history of Ironrock from the company’s days as the leading paving brick manufacturer in the world to the company today - manufacturing the highest quality quarry tile and thin brick.


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