January 26, 2022In Quarry TileBy Daniel Marvin2 Minutes

All of Ironrock's quarry tile and thin brick product lines are now listed in the mindful Materials database.Ironrock is pleased to announce that all quarry tile and thin brick product lines are now listed in the mindful Materials database. Launched in 2014 by several major architectural firms and sustainability groups, mindful Materials has grown to be the database of choice for thousands of Well Building, Living Building Challenge, and LEED v4 projects each year. The database provides a one-stop-shop for all sustainability certifications and information associated with the products listed there.

“For over 150 years, Ironrock has produced ceramic products in the most sustainable way while providing our customers the information they want to make informed choices about what they are buying,” says Guy Renkert, the 5th generation of the Renkert family to helm the company. “Adding our products to the mindful Materials database is a great way to highlight our Green Squared multi-attribute certification, our EPD, and our Manufacturer’s Ingredient Disclosure in a way that designers and architects can easily access them.”

“While the information is on our website,” adds Ron Williamson, Director of Marketing for Ironrock, “it is only available to designers that already know about us. By adding our products to mindful Materials we are able to immediately be visible to anyone working on sustainable projects.  We are especially excited to be the first ceramic brick manufacturer to list our products there.”

Ironrock is a family-owned manufacturer of quarry tile and thin brick products based in Canton Ohio. More for information about the products mentioned here visit www.metroceramics.com.