Tile maintenance

An Important Part of Every Tile Installation

An Important Part of Every Tile Installation

Properly managing movement and expansion joints is an important part of every tile installation. Knowing how and where to include expansion joints can be one key to the success of the overall tile work.

The Tile Council of North America (TCNA) includes an entire section (EJ171) of their handbook covering movement and expansion joints. The section includes information on location and frequency, width, materials, and installation. The section also includes details on various types of joints relating to both construction and tile installation.

The TCNA has a F.A.Q. section about movement and expansion joints on their website @ http://www.tcnatile.com/faqs/53-expansion-joints.html

Don’t under estimate the importance of adding the correct expansion joints to your tile work. This important step will help ensure a sound tile installation.

If you have questions about movement and expansion joints in tile work or would like a copy of the TCNA Handbook, visit the TCNA website @ tcnatile.com or call them @ 864-646-2821.