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Choosing the Right Tile for Open Concept Kitchens

January 31, 2019In Quarry TileRon WilliamsonBy Ron Williamson5 Minutes
There are more design options than you realize with commercial kitchen quarry tile. Above are three very different examples that all meet the requirements of the commercial kitchen environment.

There are more design options than you realize with commercial kitchen quarry tile. Above are three very different examples that all meet the requirements of the commercial kitchen environment.

The latest trend in restaurant design from high-end bistros to casual dining is the open concept kitchen. In open concept kitchens, not only is the staff working feverishly in a confined space to create great food, they are now doing so with an audience.

Let’s look at this idea from the viewpoint of what’s underfoot – namely the floor. With open concept kitchens, the floor-covering must perform above and beyond when considering the critical issues of slip falls, durability, and sanitary standards all while enhancing the kitchens aesthetic.

Meeting design and performance requirements is by no means an easy task when you consider what happens in a commercial kitchen. Foodstuffs fall to the lowest point in the room and kitchen and restaurant staff grind everything into the floor.

Finding a floor-covering that can stand up to the daily routine of commercial kitchen life while looking good is no small feat. Choosing the right flooring is vital and once installed even the most appropriate floor needs regular attention when all eyes are watching.

Fortunately, there is one product  that can meet all of the requirements of an open concept commercial kitchen. That product is none other than – ceramic quarry tile.

Now you may think of quarry tile as a simple little 6″ x 6′ tile that gets high marks for performance but comes up short on the aesthetics side. And while this may have been true at one time, one manufacturer has worked diligently to create options in unglazed quarry tile that both provide the designer with the rugged dependability she demands and a naturally appealing floor.

Metropolitan Ceramics offers more options in extruded quarry products than any other manufacturer in the United States. Looking through the product options page on the Metropolitan Ceramics website a designer can choose from an array of natural earth tone color choices – from basic single tone quarry tile (aptly named Quarrybasics®) to quarry tile with texture and shade variation (Down to Earth®). There is even a thin paving brick option available – Royal Thin Brick®. A variety of tile sizes are also available in each product line.

The image below is a perfect example of the need for floor covering to perform well and look great. The Kitchen Table at The Modern presents diners with the opportunity to experience the full effect of their fantastic kitchen with seating front and center to all of the action.  They chose classic and subdued Raven 6″ x 6″ quarry tile to use throughout this space.

metropolitan ceramics commercial kitchen floor raven #710 quarry tile
Photo – Metropolitan Ceramics Raven #710 used in The Kitchen Table at the Modern – Credit Ellen Silverman.

This image from Table Six shows the kitchen and bar area featured as part of the restaurant experience.  This time Metro Tread® in a neutral tan color was used to fit both the design needs of an open concept and the added slip resistance required in an area subject to spills and moisture.

Table Six used added slip resistance quarry tile Metropolitan Ceramics uai
Table Six used  an added slip resistance product from Metropolitan Ceramics in a natural earth tone color.

From fast casual to fine dining more and more kitchens and prep areas are now in open view of the clientele, creating an excellent opportunity to have an atmosphere of inclusion and participation.

A “nothing to hide” approach is a great way to build customer loyalty and trust, but it does mean that care needs to be taken to keep everything looking and running great. Fortunately, by selecting one of the many floor-covering options available from Metropolitan Ceramics, designers and owners know they have everything covered for years to come for one of the essential parts of every kitchen – the floor.

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