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Metropolitan Ceramics® Meets the Needs of These Demanding Applications

Industrial applications need an extremely durable floor product. These floors need to handle spills of all sorts- including chemicals. They need to perform in extreme temperatures with heavy industrial equipment and foot traffic moving over them. And through all of this they have to remain maintenance friendly and last for decades. Only one flooring product will meet all these demands at an economical price-point. Metropolitan Ceramics®, with its extruded and hard fired body is the right choice for industrial applications. And Metropolitan offers a 6” x 9” x 3/4” paver product – METRO®PAVERS for the most demanding areas. To follow are two examples of Metropolitan Ceramics products in use in industrial applications.

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The Founder’s Brewery in Grand Rapids, Michigan installed Metropolitan Ceramics #310 Mayflower Red 6×6 throughout their brewery’s production area. This quarry tile will stand up to the harsh conditions and provide a maintenance friendly, slip resisting floor for decades of service.

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Mission Foods® is the largest tortilla manufacturer in the United States, providing tortilla products for supermarkets and restaurants throughout the country. In their plant in Pendergrass, Georgia, Mission Foods installed 6″ x 9″ x 3/4″ METROPAVERS in their production facility. According to the plant manager, the pavers provide employees with an improved working area when compared with the existing concrete slab. Happy with the results, Mission Foods is now using METROPAVERS in other facilities throughout the country.

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Metropolitan Ceramics is Now Offering an AIA CES Approved Course

March 4, 2017|In Continuing Education|Ron WilliamsonBy Ron Williamson|1 Minute

Metropolitan Ceramics is now an AIA CES Registered Provider and is offering a new course worth (1) AIA Learning Unit (LU).

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The course discusses the importance of using the appropriate floor covering products for demanding floor environments like commercial kitchens. The course gives participants important insight into: understanding what constitutes a demanding environment, examining the flooring options available, and setting criteria for a floor coverings suitability for use in these environments. Through comparison, discussing manufacturing processes, learning about raw materials, and viewing installation examples, attendees are better able choose the correct flooring for demanding environments.

Contact Clare Thomas – [email protected] if you are interested in having this course presented to your group.