Craft Brewery

Craft brewers pride themselves on creating unique and outstanding beers that set the mark for flavor and character. And from holding tanks to filtration systems, craft brewers know the equipment they use has to be right. That’s why so many brewers choose Metropolitan Ceramics® quarry tile for their flooring. They know kiln fired Metropolitan quarry tile will provide generations of quality, slip - resisting service. They also know the natural  earth tone colors will fit right in with their brewery’s design. Tastes may change with the season, but a Metropolitan Ceramics floor will stand the test of time.

Case Studies featuring Metropolitan Ceramics Quarry Tile:

2 Silos Brewery - Manassas, VA
Founder's Brewery - Grand Rapids, MI

Commercial Kitchens

From churches to fast food, commercial kitchens are found throughout commercial constructions. Although these kitchens may serve a variety of clientele, they all need a floor product durable enough to stand up to the extremes of a kitchen environment. Spills and moisture, extreme temperatures, heavy traffic, all are found in the commercial kitchen setting. Metropolitan Ceramics® are the one tiles that can stand up this kind of abuse and perform with years of slip-resisting no-compromise service.

Food Processing

Very few commercial settings can get as dirty or receive the punishment of a food processing plant. And along with the other requirements of a commercial floor these areas must be maintained in a manner that meets stringent health requirements. It is imperative in these settings to have a floor product  that will not promote the growth of mold or bacteria and will remain maintenance friendly. Metropolitan Ceramics quarry tile products meet the need and will provide your plant with decades of service. Metropolitan is available in a variety of options including METRO®PAVER.


From cars, to boats, to motorcycles, dealerships want to put their best foot forward when enticing customers to choose them for sales and repairs. One way many have done this is to use natural, earth tone, Metropolitan Ceramics® quarry tile throughout their service and showroom areas. These dealers know they can rely on Metro to stand up to vehicles rolling across the floor. They also know Metro, with its slip-resisting properties and simple maintenance routine is the right choice for all sorts of weather related muck that might be dragged in from outside. And they know Metro will give them the service they need for years to come.

Office Building Entryway

Office buildings see traffic moving through their doors on a non-stop basis. They also know that the most important thing is to keep people moving throughout the building safely. And the traffic isn’t relegated to nice days and good weather, people come in throughout the year under the the worst circumstances. And, these spaces are meant to be long term so they not only need a product that is going to wear well and look good today, but for years to come. That’s why durable Metropolitan Ceramics® quarry tile is an excellent fit for these demanding applications. All natural Metro will provide decades of slip-resisting service.

Supermarket / Convenience Store

Supermarkets provide a challenge to their owners when it comes to providing the right floor coverings for their stores. Not only are the stores filled with heavy foot traffic, they also have hand carts constantly in use re-stocking shelves. And these carts are usually loaded down with hundreds of pounds of product. To top it all off, much of the foot traffic comes from patrons walking through the store. This combination of durability and safety concerns means the floor they choose must be extremely durable, must be slip-resisting, must be easy to maintain, and also must look good. Metropolitan Ceramics® meets these needs and provides decades of service.