TWO Slip Resisting Additives In ONE Tile

XA Abrasive combines two slip resisting additives to create a one-of-a-kind slip resisting tile with a Dynamic Coefficient of Friction ≥ 0.70.

With XA Abrasive, the properties of both Quarrybasics® X-Colors and Quarrybasics® Abrasive are incorporated into one tile. The silicon embedded surface, combined with the metallic additive through the body of the tile, work together to combat the effects of spills, moisture, extreme temperatures, and heavy traffic.

Use Quarry Basics® XA Abrasive in the most demanding environments and anywhere durability and slip resistance are important.

Download the XA Abrasive sales sheet.

Color Options
31XA Mayflower Red
57XA Puritan Gray
15XA Buckskin
18XA Chestnut Brown

Available Sizes (ALL SIZES ARE 1/2" THICK)

*31XA Mayflower Red & 57XA Puritan Gray available in 4"x8" size. All other colors available in 4"x8" by special order only. 

Trim Options

Q1665 & Q1665C contain XA abrasive additive. For additional trim options use corresponding QUARRYBASICS color.