Architectural Thin Brick

Thin brick veneer is fast becoming one of the most attractive finishes available. You can Install thin brick in a variety of areas using straightforward tile setting methods and quickly achieve a brick finish in remodeling and new construction projects. When installing thin brick we recommend using a 3/8" grout joint. Use thin brick in areas where full face brick is often not practical and without the need of the additional construction work required with full face brick.

The METROBRICK Fast Ship Program offers high-quality, low absorption thin brick for commercial and residential applications.

METROBRICK’s Fast Ship Program includes nine colors and seven blends available in inventory* for fast turnaround.  The METROBRICK Fast Ship Colors are available in the modular brick size (2 1/4" x 7 5/8") and a traditional brick wire cut texture. Corner and edge cap pieces are also available, Use METROBRICK anywhere a brick finish is desired both indoors and out.

*Most items listed can be shipped within five days of placing the order (lead time for blends is approximately two to four weeks) Levels of inventory vary. Our ability to fast ship is based on a first-come-first-served basis. Levels of inventoried items will fluctuate. Inventory is designed to assist in quick turnaround for smaller quantity orders- normally under 10,000 sq. ft.


Color Options
105 Fieldstone
310 Main Street
320 Schoolhouse Red
350 Main Street Flashed
365 Schoolhouse Red Flashed
458 Brownstone Flashed
505 Monument
507 Empire
710 Charcoal (premium color)
Fast Ship Blend 1
Fast Ship Blend 2
Fast Ship Blend 3
Fast Ship Blend 4
Fast Ship Blend 5
Fast Ship Blend 6
Fast Ship Blend 7

Available Sizes Recommended 3/8" grout joint

Finish Options

METROBRICK Fast Ship products are available in smooth and wire cut finish. See chart for details.