Durable Pavers for Demanding Jobs

Metropolitan Ceramics’ METRO® Pavers are the foremost natural, unglazed, high density pavers made in the United States. METRO® Pavers are engineered to meet the demands of heavy truck traffic and industrial applications.

• Passes all applicable modulus of rupture testing.

• Meets the ASTM standard for industrial floor brick ASTM C410.

• Relieved edge and uncompromised die skin body resists cracking, spalling and erosion.

• Resists thermal shock and can be used indoors and outdoors in any climate.

• Dense vitreous body composition resists mold, bacteria and chemical attacks.

• Meets the ASTM standard ASTM C279 for chemical resistant masonry units.


Note: installation methods should include 100% coverage for mortar when the application involves heavy static or rolling loads such as vats or vehicles. The recommended installation methods in the Tile Council of America’s “Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation”, and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards should be followed.

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#310 Mayflower Red

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