Choosing the Right Flooring for Demanding Environments


Description:   This course will discuss the importance of using the appropriate floor covering products for demanding floor environments like commercial kitchens. The course will give participants important insight into: understanding what constitutes a demanding environment, examining the flooring options available, and setting criteria for a floor coverings suitability for use in these environments. Through comparison, discussing manufacturing processes, learning about raw materials, and viewing installation examples, attendees will be better able choose the correct flooring for demanding environments.
Learning Units:   1
Delivery Provider Name:   IRONROCK
Credit Designations:   LU
Course Format:   Instructor-led face-to-face
Contact Us:   Ironrock Ron Williamson 1201 Millerton Street Canton, Ohio 44707 330-484-7468
Learning Objective 1:   By viewing examples, participants will be able to explain what constitutes a demanding environments for floor products and list five conditions that create a demanding environment.
Learning Objective 2:   By discussing product attributes, participants will be able to differentiate between floor products that will likely fail and floors that will succeed in a demanding environment and give three examples of how a floor may fail.
Learning Objective 3:   Through visual aids and explanation, participants will be able to discuss the characteristics of ceramic tile and list six attributes that make tile a viable choice for demanding environments.
Learning Objective 4:   By side by side comparison, participants will be able to determine the difference between quarry tile and two other ceramic tiles (also used in demanding environments) and will be able to explain how quarry tile’s manufacturing process creates eight distinct advantages for use in demanding environments.


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